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Episode 18 - Full Gear Invasion


The 450 Wrestling Podcast is a day late, but not an opinion short! With Full Gear now in the books, and the NXT invasion in full effect, the guys have a lot to state, and not all of their opinions are in sync!

First up, the guys break down every match of Full Gear! And for the first time in a while, the guys have VASTLY different opinions on the matches and their quality. So who liked the majority of them, and who was of the opinion that they weren't as good as advertised? What does this mean for AEW as a whole?

Then, the team talks about NXT and how the "invasion" angle is being handled. Is it overdone? Is it already losing its luster? What do the NXT invasion episode ratings mean for NXT overall? We'll break it down!

So join in on the action and get in the ring with the 450 Wrestling Podcast!



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