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Xbox Xperience Podcast #27 - A Digital Revolution


Xbox Xperience Podcast #27 - A Digital Revolution

Welcome back to a very on time episode of the Xbox Xperience. This time around

This time around we're taking a stab at the whole "Digital vs Physical" when it comes to gaming. With more and more games going the digital route, is it just a matter of time before console gaming mirrors what has happened with PC gaming when it comes to distribution? We also had some time to check out the Destiny 2 beta on Xbox One and discuss what we thought about it.

What about those Xbox One X pre-orders, or where are they? Do you think that the pre-order delay will hurt the potential sales of the system? And what about that San Deigo Comic Con 2017 Xbox show? Was it as big of a train wreck as many are calling it?

This and much more on this week's episode of the Xbox Xperience!

So join your hosts; Aaron Sanders, Keith Mitchell and Clinton Bowman, as they bring you episode 27 of the Xbox Xperience. Don't miss it!

We hope you enjoy it!

Of course, all thoughts and comments regarding the show can be posted in the comments below. We love hearing feedback from our fans and it's encouraged. Thanks for watching and we'll be back with another show, next week.

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