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Xbox Xperience Ep. 22 - Preying on the Unknown


Xbox Xperience Ep. 22 - Preying on the Unknown

Here we go people, the Xbox Xperience podcast episode 22 is here. We're running behind schedule a bit, but we're still 100% committed to doing the video cast as opposed to podcasts. We promised though it is delaying the posting just a bit.

But never mind that, we're back and we got another fun filled episode that features Aaron Sanders, Clinton Bowm and Keith Mitchell. So grab your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy.


-LucidSound LS35X coming for Xbox and Windows 10
-Full keyboard support is coming to Xbox
-Dell says gaming PC sales are on the rise
-Most gamers aren't aware of Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro
-Did not sending out review copies hurt Prey sales
-Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store
-Is Windows 10 S the blueprint for future Window releases

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