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Xperience Podcast #9 - Debunking PC Myths and More!


Xperience Podcast #9 - Debunking PC Myths and More!

Well, look at that. Our first of many live stream Xperience shows. We definitely hope we didn't disappoint.

On this episode of the Xperience, we discuss the recent ongoings with the Beam Pro 2.0 update. We also take a look at the Xbox One surprising 26 million total units sold. Finally, we talk serious for a moment and break down the popular PC gaming myths, from using gamepads/controllers, being tied down to a desk and much more.

For those who've never gamed on a PC, we've live streamed Keith using both a Dualshock 4 and Xbox One Elite controller in Steam Big Picture mode. This is at the 17:36 minute marker -

And as always, we close out with Final Thoughts.

Thanks for checking out Xperience episode #9. Be sure to forward any comments, questions or concerns to us! -- Watch live at



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